It was my birthday recently- and for lunch I went to Cafe Paradiso. This was a wonderful choice and I had a perfect meal! So thank you thank you Cafe Paradiso for a wonderful birthday lunch. Cafe Paradiso is found at the top of Kloof Street- 110 Kloof street to be precise. And it is a restaurant everyone should have the pleasure of going to! Look at the beautiful view of Table Mountain! Just stunning! Book a table on the balcony if you can!
We started with a lovely bottle of Moet and a whole load of starters. As it was my birthday- I got to pull favour and order all the starters we shared! Above is the beautiful phyllo parcel with smoked chicken, spinach and mozzarella served on a mushroom jus for R45. This was really lovely- wonderfully light pastry and packed with flavour. The mushroom jus was incredible- mixed and matched with the other starters well!!


This is my very beautiful, very wonderful Drunken Camembert- which is deep fried beer battered Camembert served on basil infused tomato coulis for R49. This was phenomenal! They somehow made deep fried cheese taste light and crispy. The beer batter was packed with flavour and the Camembert was melted through- absolutely amazing! Top notch starter! And the basil infused tomato coulis just helped enhance the flavours and the deliciousness! Will be ordering this next time for sure!


And this is the salt and pepper squid with spiced mayo and chilli mint dressing for R55. The squid was good. My dad’s favourite of the starters. The squid was lightly batter so as to avoid being oily. And had huge chunks of sea salt and a good grinding of pepper. The mayo was lovely- but definitely has a kick to it. And the chilli mint dressing is nothing special. Lovely fresh and light starter.
And the wonderful ripped carpaccio of charred beef with thyme, olives and parmesan for R65. This was my brother’s favourite of the starters. The carpaccio was packed with flavour and had lots of delicious pesto to give it that extra magic. It was topped with lots of rocket and tomatoes for even more flavours. It was good carpaccio- but title of best carpaccio still belongs to Bardelli’s
Here is the Fungi Neri of sliced black mushrooms panned in garlic, white wine and butter on fresh tagliatelle for R75. This is a lovely dish and the mushrooms were cooked to perfection but sadly the pasta was seriously al dente. They were very kind and accommodating and quickly organised a replacement meal. We had really wonderful service at Cafe Paradiso- bubbly, friendly but incredibly efficient.
The chicken, prawn and green pea risotto with white wine and Parmesan for R75. This was lovely and light- and the risotto was cooked to perfection! I found the mint in the dish to be a little overpowering but the other lunch guests loved the mint. On the right is the beef fillet medallions on mushroom cream topped with red wine, port and cranberry reduction for R145. This was very good and very tender. Lots of flavour from the reduction- and the caramelised onions make it! Wonderful choice- only second place to the ostrich.
This was the star of the lunch- The Ostrich tapenade of grilled fillet medallions, vine ripened tomatoes with fig compote and tapenade jus for R140. This meal had me scraping the plate for left over sauce and not out of hunger but out of greed! The ostrich was tender and soft and a perfect medium rare. The tapenade jus was kind of a teriyaki, soya sauce flavour and just so good! Sweet and salty at the same time- perfect to compliment the flavours of the ostrich. I would however skip the candied figs- too sweet and not necessary.
I got dessert with a candle because it was my birthday 🙂 Cafe Paradiso made me feel very special! This is the Creme Brulee for R35- which is truly wonderful. The creme brulee is creamy, light and delicate in flavour. Truly fantastic! A great creme brulee. And only the thinnest layer of brulee- which suits me perfectly! Mine was served with fresh cream and some kind of raspberry compote- which complimented the creme brulee flavour perfectly! A must have!


And here is the ‘Best Living Lemon Meringue’ for R35. This is not my name- but what Cafe Paradiso calls it. All they are not far off- this is a pretty good lemon meringue! The lemon tart is not to sweet and has the right amount of lemony kick. And the meringue is light and fluffy and huge- as it should be! The biscuit crust is great- nice and thick with a chocolate flavour to it- delicious! But the creme brulee is still the winner of the dessert contest for me! Cafe Paradiso is wonderful- top food and top service and a wonderful view! Go give them a try!
  • Location: 110 Kloof St, Cape Town
  • Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday: 9am-10pm; Sunday:10am-7pm
  • Contact details: 021 423 8653

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