Jason Bakery is a fantastic bakery on Bree Street. They are famous for their croissants, coffee, lobster roll Fridays and my very favourite DOUGHSSANTS! Doughssants are Jason of Jason Bakery’s interpretation of the cronut. The Cronut is a croissant-doughnut hybrid pastry created by chef Dominique Ansel of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City.

Jason creates the most wonderful doughssants every Saturday morning. Doughssants are only available on Saturday- so if you’re looking to try one you’ll need to get your butt out of bed and at Jason Bakery before 10am. Every single Saturday so far there has been a brand new flavour. This is great because you get to try so many different kinds, but it’s unfortunate if you miss a great flavour or have a favourite. I missed the jaffa cake doughssants and I’m still kicking myself about it!

How I start my Saturday morning: Doughssants

Jason of Jason Bakery owns my Saturday mornings. First thing I do when I wake up on a Saturday is grab my phone, search @jasonbakery, find out the flavour of the day and get my ass in gear to get a doughssant. Very rarely does the flavour of the day put me off- generally the doughssant creations sound phenomenal. My latest doughssant heartbreak was liquorice flavour – I’m sorry Mr Jason Bakery – but no! Fortunately, next Saturday will always be a new flavour! Some of my favourites include the blueberry-filled doughssants topped with white chocolate and mixed berries, and the grandilla custard cream doughssants.

A doughssant is a crazy thing – Jason’s involve flaky crunchy pastry sprinkled with cinnamon sugar that manages to be light like a croissant with delicious buttery layers avoids the oiliness of a deep fried doughnut. You know what – I can’t explain it. Its a whole new taste, a whole new texture and it is damn delicious. They go about making them by forming a dough with lots of lumpy butter that is then chilled, after which it gets folded again and again, and then they rest overnight.

Only then does the dough get cut into doughnut shapes, and then they need some more resting. Finally, the perfectly risen doughssants get baked. After being baked, they get tossed in cinnamon sugar. Jason then cuts his doughssants in half and stuffs them with some kind of filling, sandwiches them back together and adds the topping. Its a hell of a process – and one I am happy to purchase and never try replicate. Jason’s doughssants go for R25 a pop, and to be honest it is worth every cent!

Some of my favourites:

Featured above has got to be one of Jason Bakery’s crazier inventions. This is the Elvis Presley inspired doughssant, which features bacon, peanut butter, banana and caramel. Just madness in your mouth. Eating the whole thing was a commitment – but so worth it! Really delicious. So your man up in New York is popping out a different flavour every month with pretty average flavours like salted caramel while your man down the road gives out-of-this-world flavour combinations every Saturday!


So if you want to get your pretty paws on these guys you need to swing by Jason Bakery on Bree Street between 8am and maaaybe 10:30am if you’re lucky. They do sell out and if you wait too late there are often queues about 10 minutes long. Treat yourself to this serious calorific treat- clearly I have done the exact thing MANY Saturday mornings. See you in the queue 🙂


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