Everyone Monday I get emailed a recipe for meat-free Monday. I can be a little hippie-like on occasion… But more often than not I ignore these recipes. But this last one caught my attention: Spinach and Broad Bean Burgers. I’m not sure what a broad bean is- but I assumed it was somewhat similar to a butter bean and used them instead.
So this is my take on spinach and bean burgers – which my family have affectionately dubbed ‘Shrek Burgers’.
And so I made Spinach and Butter Bean burgers for my meat loving family.
1 400 g tin of butter beans
1 cup blanched and shreaded spinach
1 free range egg
4 Tbsp bread crumbs
1 tsp olive oil
2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp salt
1 clove crushed garlic
1 medium sliced onion
4 rolls
The recipe called for blanched spinach- I’ve never blanched anything before. So as you do- I whipped out Google. Blanching is easy. Big pot of water- let it boil- and they mean serious boil big bubbles like a witches cauldron. Drop the spinach in the boiling water for 30 seconds. In these 30 seconds they will turn the most brilliant green colour! was like magic before my eyes! Quickly scoop them out the pot into a bowl of iced water to prevent them going soggy. Once they have cooled- squeeze them very tightly together to squeeze all the water out of them.
Please note: blanched spinach shrinks to about nothing- so you will need more than you think!

Then it was easy- blend the butter beans, blanched spinach, egg, bread crumbs, olive oil, pepper salt, crushed garlic and onion. Effectively chuck all the ingredients into the blender until they are finally mushed up. Not a glamorous description- but that is what you’re after.

Allow the gorgeous green mush to chill for 10 minutes- if you’ve got the time leave it for longer. After the 10 minute calm down time for both you and the green mush- you need to shape the mush into burger patties. So stick your hands in, grab about a fourth of the mixtures and make a burger patty shape. Drop the patty onto a clean board and get going with making the rest.

These burgers didn’t really work out like conventional burgers. Picking up the patties was a challenge. Once in the pan they need about 4 minutes a side. But flipping them over in one piece was damn right impossible! They broke a little bit and lost their shape- lucking my family is pretty forgiving. And so-I’ve decided these are rustic burgers and the funny shape is just how it should be.

Grilled halumi is one of the wonders of the cooking world- it is just quite fantastic! And oh so easy to do- grab your block of halumi, cut slices of your choosing- I cut normal thin cheese slices this time. But have been known to cut thick chunks for squishing on top of onion marmalade sandwiches. Drizzle some olive oil in a hot griddle plan- and when the pan is super hot- lie the halumi down next to one another like soldiers. Turn them over once they have gorgeous brown griddle lines. Halumi won’t melt- so don’t force it. Halumi is simply a cheese of its own class.
Once you’re burgers are cooked and your halumi grilled (hopefully at similar times) cut open your fresh rolls- cover one side with hummus and the other with mayonnaise. Slide the mushy green burgers inside -place some grilled halumi on top and dig in 🙂
 The Shrek burgers were an absolute win- and I didn’t get asked once where the meat was- success! But one thing to note- they are so filling! After one burger- we were all so full! Was a wonderful healthy meat free alternative and I would highly recommend you try them 🙂

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