Whenever I feel like too much of a glutton- and due to my love of cakes, sushi, sandwiches and the list goes on this happens pretty often- I cut out all the bad stuff and just eat veggies and protein for awhile. But a diet of veggies and protein can grow kind of boring- so I’ve become kind of inventive. These are my beautiful mushroom towers! And here is how you make them 🙂
5 * large flat portobellini mushrooms
2 * eggs
1* large tomato
some black pepper
and some soya sauce
Put the mushrooms in a dry pan smooth side up. Let them cook and sweat for about 3 minutes. They will start to stick because you are cooking without oil. At this point take your tomato which you have cut into 5 thick chunks and place them in the pan – the tomato juices will prevent the mushrooms from sticking and burning.
While the mushrooms and tomatoes are cooking, throw the 2 eggs in a separate pan. Smash the eggs together by stirring them as they start to harden. Once the eggs are done- check on the tomatoes and mushrooms- they should be done to. The assembling is a little wobbly- place the mushrooms smooth side down- place 1/5 of the egg on each one and then place the tomato on top! and voila! perfect mushroom towers- and oh so healthy!!

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