I’ve been working for my mom for the last few days. Her company is based in Woodstock – very close to The Kitchen.  The Kitchen is run and owned by Karen Dudley who is an absolute magician in the kitchen with her amazing salads, love sandwiches and freshly baked goods. The Kitchen is quirky, and beautiful and always filled with interesting people.

They have a beautiful glass display cabinet in the front of the restaurant with all their freshly made salads on display. The Kitchen is a catering company- so they test out recipes and make interesting salads every day. Whenever I go to The Kitchen there is always something new to try! They have the most incredible combinations of ingredients that you could never imagine working together- but they do- and they are perfect. They make use of lots of mint in their salad- very YUM!


You can eat at The Kitchen on one of their long benches or order the food to go. I ordered a large take away salad box for R40- which allowed me to chose 6 of the amazing options. 6 sounds like a lot of options- but it isn’t when faced with so many good choices. I also ordered 3 sausages and a large grilled chicken breast. I’m not sure what they cost- but the final bill was R90. So my best guess is the sausages were R10 each and the chicken breast was R20.
Here is my amazing box of salads! I shared them with my mom- which is plenty enough food. I cant really remember what I ordered. But from left to right- was really fantastic aubergines in a tomato and onion sauce, some sort of barley with mushrooms and other vegetables, thinly cut pear, carrot, black bean and sweet corn salad, fresh coleslaw and finally quinoa with Greek yoghurt and rosa tomatoes. Everything was absolutely delicious! The Kitchen never disappoints with their wonderful combinations, unusual ingredients and fresh flavours
Here are The Kitchen’s amazing honey and mustard seed sausages and the wonderful tender chicken breast.




It really is one of my favourite quick, casual and affordable lunch spots. This time I met up with a friend for a quick catch up over lunch. We opted to have lunch at The Kitchen. I normally go for the take away option. We grabbed a spot on high stools at a bench over looking the street. And while I queued my friend guarded our seats. We had arrived a little late- and some of the salad options had run out!! But even with less options- narrowing it down to 5 was a difficult call. So how it works is you pay R45 for 5 salad options. And then you stare intently at their glass salad counter trying desperately to chose only 5!! This time I went with the Asian style coleslaw with red pepper, carrots and sweetcorn; the shitake mushroom and barley salad; chickpeas in some kind of creamy dressing with rosa tomatoes; the cauliflower, red beans and feta salad and my latest favourite some kind of Chinese black rice salad that was simply outstanding.

I haven’t a clue what Chinese black rice is but its sweet and gooey and really quite phenomenal. I think that’s my favourite thing about The Kitchen- is that there is always something new and interesting to try. But be warned- the lunch rush is mad so get there early to claim a table and maximise your salad choosing potential.



  • Location: 111 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock
  • Opening times: Monday to Friday: 8am til 3:30pm
  • Contact details: 021 462 2201


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  1. The food at the kitchen is amazing and the team who work there are just as nice – roast sausage sandwich for lunch yesterday – divine!
    Love your website!

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