Olympia Cafe found in Kalk Bay is really such a wonderful place- and one of the reasons I started this blog. Last time I went I didn’t know I was going to go home and start a blog- so I had no photos! I’ve tried to redeem myself a little bit this time- much to the surprise of the charming boy who took me for lunch when I whipped out my camera to photograph our lunch. We got to Kalk Bay at about 11am because I was scared the lunch rush would have the restaurant fully booked out. It seems I’m a little early for peak season and we got a table with minimal hassle. But be warned- this place is crazy in summer- get here early to get a table. Being seated for lunch at 11am is not ideal because they don’t serve lunch at 11am. My solution? CAKE. Yes, I’m just like Marie Antoinette, I believe cake really is the solution to discontent.

We opted for a Florentine at R11 and Chocolate Hazelnut Cake at R29. The florentine had a gorgeous sticky toffee flavour going for it. The Hazelnut cake was good- the icing tasted like nutella- YUM. And the dense chocolate hazelnut middle worked wonderfully with the tart granadilla syrup.

– – – – – –

As the aim of the trip to Kalk Bay was lunch- we did lunch! Lunch is served from 12pm- so after our cakes there was just enough time to look out the window at the harbour to soak in a little of the Kalk Bay magic. A table by the window at Olympia can really make for some wonderful people watching.

 – – – – – –


Lunch changes daily and is based on what’s seasonal, fresh and available. The menu is absolutely fantastic- I was torn between the strawberry and feta salad, the yellofin tuna and the yellowtail. The poor waiter only got my order on his third trip back to us. I finally settled on the seared yellofin tuna- which was an amazing choice. And also by mistake the most expensive thing on the bloody menu at R160. I think I got really excited and forgot that food comes with prices- oops… But as mistakenly decadent as my meal choice was- it really was quite perfect.
– – – – – – – – –
When my lunch arrived I almost fell on the floor! It was huge! It was ginormous! It should have come with a warning! It was a base of boiled baby potatoes kind of half crushed with lots of butter, olives, capers, onions and herbs- creamy, buttery sweet potatoes. YUM! On top of this was piled three HUGE tuna steaks only slightly seared- absolute perfection. And on top of the tuna mountain was poured some amazing creamy tart sauce and sprinkled with a whole load of diced up tomatoes. Absolute taste explosion! One of the best meals I’ve ever had.
Here is my beautiful tower of food! Really quite incredible! Could not more highly recommend a trip to Olympia Cafe. Such high standards of food- phenomenal! I could only eat one tuna steak- and took the other two home for a tuna salad the next day.


– – – – – – – –

The very charming boy who took me to Kalk Bay opted for the pork belly with stir fry and mash for R105. I’m sad to say we were a little disappointed. The pork was good- but it didnt have as much flavour as you would expect. The mash however was absolutely amazing! I dont know HOW the did it! The creamiest, smoothest mash I have ever eaten! Goodness me- top notch mash. And the stir fry was lovely- fresh veggies with lots of teriyaki sauce. Really good- pity the pork wasn’t of the same standard. But on a whole the meal was not a bad at all.

– – – – – – – –

So my fascination with quirky bathrooms has evolved to me now even having a special label for ‘quirky bathrooms’. The bathroom at Olympia Cafe is very quirky and cool indeed. The wall is painted by Earthcote Bathroom Art and is titled scaly loo because of all the beautiful gold and pearly scales painted on the wall. Really is beautiful paint- very clever way to advertise.

This big fish head staring down at you is a little daunting. Can you imagine that thing falling on you and the compromised position you’d be in when you call for help! haha! But the paint is lovely- and the bathroom definitely falls under my newly created quirky bathroom label!

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