Onrus is a little seaside town just a out of Cape Town- about an hour and a bit drive- before Hermanus (the place with the whales). In my house when it’s your birthday you get to chose where you go. My brother went with Sevruga this year, my mom went to St Petersburg, Russia (yes I know) and my dad opted for Milkwood in Onrus. Little bit of context for you- Onrus was were we spent almost every sunny and not-so-sunny school holiday when my brother and I were still in junior school. And Milkwood was the restaurant on the beach front about 15m from our little beach house.

We spent many many afternoon lunches and early dinners at Milkwood. My dad is good friend with the owner and chef- Frank- who is an absolute gentleman and always accommodated my dessert order of creme brulee without the brulee. So here we were back in Onrus and the lovely Milkwood after about 7 years!! And I must say- it is still one of my favourite restaurants 🙂 We were seated at a really lovely table right next to the water- with one side overlooking the lagoon and the other side overlooking the beach.
On every table were green beer bottle vases with lovely bright blue irises. And with it being a birthday- of course we needed ice cold champagne. I know its only sparkling wine- but it’s a South African habit to call any kind of sparkling wine whether it reigns from that pretty little region in France or on a local wine farm. This Simonsig really is quite lovely- with the rose being a firm favourite. It’s a little dry which is lovely! But not nearly as dry as Villiera- so my mom and I happily reach a compromise here.
First up were starters. I opted for the trio of prawns-which was absolutely outstanding! And only R45! I would drive all the way to Milkwood for this dish alone!! The dish was made up of three prawn tasting options. An avocado ritz cone, a prawn in phyllo pastry lollipop and prawn toast. The Cone was amazing with sweet prawns served with avo and cucumber and some gorgeous seafood sauce. The prawn lollipop had gorgeous phyllo pastry and inside was a warm prawn with some kind of creamy fluffy cheese! Top notch flavours! And my favourite was the prawn toast- cannot for the life of me tell you how he made it though? It appears to be a prawn beaten up and flattened to a very thing layer then tightly wrapped around a toast triangle and sprinkled with sesame seeds- truly outstanding!!
We also tried the duck spring roll for R35. Again with the crazy reasonable prices! The duck spring roll was filled with roasted shredded duck, some lovely fresh veggies including carrots and peppers and plum sauce served with soya sauce and sweet chilli sauce! Delish! When duck is done right it really packs a wonderful flavour- and this was done perfectly! I could definitely eat more than one… so good!
Next up was the calamari- as a little girl I use to order the calamari every single time we went to Milkwood. And that was at least every second day. So I simply couldn’t not order calamari. And happily it didn’t disappoint! The 200g of calamari is served with chips or rice for R57.50! Which is incredibly affordable especially considering what a wonderful and well located the restaurant is. Being the gentleman that he is Frank allowed me to swap in a salad instead of the chips or rice. It really was delicious! Fresh fresh calamari with just the right amount of batter served with top notch tartar sauce! YUM

Next we did dessert- they all came with sparklers because it was my dad’s birthday 🙂 so sweet 🙂 We opted for the coffee creme brulee with a chocolate ganache base (without the brulee), a chocolate malva pudding with vanilla ice cream and the most fantastic warmed brownie with choc chip cheese cake icecream. I didnt try the creme brulee- because I really dont like the taste of coffee. The chocolate malva was delicious! But the real winner for me was the sweet gooey chocolate brownie with the tart cheese cake icecream. Really great quality and flavours.
What a wonderful meal! Congrats to Milkwood for still being so fantastic after so many years. And a special thank you to Frank for his kindness and his wonderful food. Get yourself to Onrus and get yourself a table in the window at Milkwood- you really will have a wonderful day!

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