High Tea is truly a delightful way to spend an afternoon. An afternoon of tea drinking, little sandwich eating and pretty pretty cake tasting. I recently spent a lovely Sunday afternoon having high tea at The Table Bay Hotel- and what a wonderful experience it was!




We ordered the three course option for R185. Which includes a savoury collection, a scones plate and access to the giant table of goodness with three tea selections.

As it was a high TEA I feel like I should touch on the tea offerings. One of the things that is wonderful about the three course option is that there are teas recommended to best suit each course. I chose the bourbon vanilla with my savoury course – it was delicious and to my surprise needed no sugar or milk. For the scones course I went with the good hope tea which smelt a little like coffee possibly due to the high caffeine levels in the tea. It was very good tea and complimented the scones well.

The savoury options included three finger sandwiches, a vegetable wrap and 3 different quiches. The wrap had lots of tasty roast veggies (peppers, courgettes, aubergine and moon blush tomatoes) and plenty of pesto- a favourite of the savouries. The cucumber sandwich with cheese and tomatoes was my favourite of the sandwiches. The egg mayo bread was quite stale and the sandwich lacked flavour.

The quiche options included ham and cheese, spinach and feta and mushroom. The quiches were really disappointing. They were like flavoured scrambled eggs on a hard pastry base. Of the three sad quiches the bacon and cheese was the best option- but still no prize winner.


The scones were presented in the most beautiful manner. Love the old fashion charm the Table Bay exudes. Our scone choices for the day were traditional scones and cranberry scones served with clotted cream, lemon curd, jam and butter. The cranberry scones were amazing and perfectly light with delicious cranberries scattered through them. The strawberry jam was phenomenal especially with the cloud like cream. The lemon curd was another winner with the correct balance between sweet and tart.


As you’ll see – they love to put strawberry halves on everything! haha!

My favourites of the giant dessert table  were the little Turkish delight towers with Turkish foam and a sweet inside.  The trifle tour dessert was absolutely delicious! Little squares of lemon jelly with fruit, custard and sweet whipped cream! Could have eaten a few of these! Another winner from the table was the rich smooth creme brulee which had a slight passion fruit flavour. And the bee stings were an old fashion’ed kind of surprise! The light choux pastry was filled with a sweet peanut butter insides. And the chocolate torte  was so rich and more’ish! The dense chocolate mouse was divine! And the little glasses of tiramisu were winners too.

As wonderful as some of the options were there was also a fair share of disappointment. I’m not sure what was going on with their pastry chef today but a lot of the light puffy pastry was actually rock hard and unrisen. My very worse was the kiwi fruit tower with featured rock hard layers of pastry which had failed to rise and filled with sour bitter yoghurt. Not pleasant! And quite a few of the baked cakes were on the next day stage of stale. With the little three coloured triangle cakes being the worse culprits. So here you have it. A little bit of a mixed bag – some lovely sandwiches, gorgeous scones, eggy quiches, beautiful little trifles, creme brulees and tiramisu, and then some stale cake and unrisen pastries. I suppose with a buffet set up like this it is difficult to get everything perfect.

For R185 for three courses and three gorgeous teas the high tea is a good deal. Hopefully next time you give it a try the cakes will be a little fresher! But despite the cakes you will still be spoilt for wonderful choices!

Beware of the giant domes! They are almost impossible to hold with one hand! So while holding them and trying to pick up little cakes things can get awkward. There is a server at the table but with only one server there’s a long wait.


  • Location: Quay 6, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town
  • Opening times: daily from 2:30 til 5:30pm
  • Contact details: 021 406 5988, bookings@za.suninternational.com



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