I was on holiday in Keurbooms which is about 15minutes from Plett. One of my highlights of the holiday was spent on the Plett Fishing Charters trying deep sea fishing for my very first time. I have never fished before in my life believing it to be a little like golf (a sport for old men) but now I can fully appreciate the thrill and excitement of it all. Have a look at their website (deepseafishing.co.za) but here are some of the details: our trip started at about 6am, there were 9 of us on the boat, 2 other people and a captain and his 2 assistants. The trip lasted about 5 hours and will set you back R600 per person. Well worth it for such a fun experience and great dinner.
We had the bad luck of some really dreadful weather. Out of the 9 of us, only 3 of us were not sea sick. This makes for some interesting fishing- to put it politely. I was one of the lucky 3- thank goodness! And it really was a wonderful experience. You don’t need to know a thing about fishing- you simply need to sit down on a bench, hold a rod, and when you feel your rod jerk downwards- give it a couple of tugs, reel it up- and VIOLA! A fish!! On the day we were out we were catching some hake, red roman and snappers.
I caught a 2kg hake (the biggest of the day- and my very first fish!). It was so exciting and such a fun experience. This guy on the left here is my red roman. They are truly beautiful fish- and taste even better! When you’re back on land the assistants who helped us with the fishing, rebaiting and constant untangling of lines kindly gutted and cleaned the fish making them ready for consumption! We braai’ed our hake and red roman with butter, garlic and herbs and it was fresh light and delicious! An absolute Plett must do experience for all ages!

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