I spent some of my holiday in Keurbooms which is about 10/15 minutes out of Plettenberg bay and is really very beautiful. The top attractions in the area are Monkey Land and Birds of Eden in The Crags. Luckily for us- there was a groupon going round about the time we were there! The groupon was for access to both parks for two adults for R216 normally valued at R480. This is a wonderful deal! And yes- the parks are pretty expensive with their normal fee of R240 per adult. But they are certainly worth the expense.
The monkey tour starts with complimentary mosquito cream- make good use of this the monkey forest is full of mosquitoes! Monkey land is really a wonderful place! The monkeys roam around freely and congregate around the feeding tables of fresh fruit. You walk through the forest stopping at these tables with your very informed guide explaining about the various monkey species. The walk with the guided tour is about an hour and a half- and is suitable for any age requiring not much exertion.
One thing to note is that you’re walking in a forest- high heels are not the recommended foot wear for such an activity. The first monkeys we came across were the absolutely comical squirrel monkey! These guys are cute as a button but are known to steal anything they can get their hands on and are the cause of the most trouble. This is apparently due to them suffering from ‘small monkey syndrome’ which makes them more aggressive. They are however really very beautiful. On the feeding table is a mommy squirrel monkey with a baby on her back. This guy on the right made me laugh because if you replaced the fruit with a skull he would be straight out of a scene from Hamlet.
Here are the Capuchins! This is the monkey from Dr Doolittle! He was so funny! It is so wonderful to see all these happy monkeys running around. Monkey Land does an absolutely wonderful job at rehabilitating and caring for all these monkeys.Here are the ringtaled lemurs. When a group of lemurs huddle together for social interaction and warmth it is called a lemur ball- is that not the sweetest thing?! These guys are running around everywhere and I very easy to spot due to their long black and white striped tails.
What is very interesting about the ringtailed lemurs is that everyone one of their tails has a completely unique pattern like our fingerprints! But as hard as I looked all their tails look the same to me! Apparently the difference is only seen by other lemurs. The white bodied and black tailed lemur on the right is a black and white  ruffled lemur- and lots a lot like a cat to me!
It’s King Julien! Every time I see these ringtailed lemurs I can only think of King Julien from Madagascar! Apparently the movie was factually incorrect (who would have ever thought?) about the King as Lemur troops are normally lead by female lemurs. One of the things about Monkey Land is that every walk through will be different. There are a number of species in Monkey land but they are not all guaranteed to be seen. So what you see depends on the luck of the day.  These guys at the bottom are our lucky sightings. The one on the left is a spectacled langur. He was my absolute favourite of the tour- so mystic and wise with his white furry spectacles. The blurry grey lady on the right is a Hanuman Langur.
Monkey Land is wonderful. It’s educational, it’s interesting and it’s a lot of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my monkey tour- laughing at the monkeys, learning about them and trying to photograph them into anything better than a blur! Monkey Land would make a perfect family outing from the grandma’s to the grand kids.

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