A very lovely friend of mine is turned 21 a while back- and he had a very grand 21st- but we wanted to sneak in a pre-celebration dinner before the big day. And beluga was the birthday celebration venue choice. When I booked I let them know it was his birthday- and they very kindly organised a complimentary dessert for the birthday boy. Beluga is a stunner on Sunday because its half price cocktails, sushi and dim sum ALL day long. Being a birthday- cocktails were an obvious decision. The boys went with a combination of mojitos and blood orange coconut mojitos which I have raved about before . I went with a Bellini with passion fruit as oppose to the traditional peach juice. This was very good- but I think I’m a little old fashioned prefering the peach juice. This cocktail is normally R50- which is excessive- but at R25 I’ll drink it all night. That was until I tried the white chocolate martini- and now my life is changed. This chocolate is really quite something (and I don’t even like white chocolate). It tastes a lot like condense milk- SO yum! but very surprisingly strong!! goodness! And at R20 during half price- well I’ll have a few more, thanks! haha!
My usual order consists of tuna crunch (YUM!) and the seared tuna salad. But I was in the mood to branch out. Beluga has quite average sushi when you’re comparing the fashion sandwiches, salmon roses or california rolls. Where Beluga shines is their signature dishes. On this plate he went with the spicy tuna california rolls, crab california rolls and a salmon and avo handroll- which were alright but nothing special. What was special here was the Samo’s outside rolls which are 6 salmon roses wrapped in cucumber for R35 during half price. When I asked if these were better than salmon roses his reply was that he wasn’t sure but you get six instead of four- and more is always better… such a boy!
I went with the generic rainbow rolls which were very disappointing- I didn’t even bother eating them. They were on par with woolworths take away sushi (which is not even close to good). But after having rainbow rolls from Willoughbys no where else can really measure up (side note: get yourself to Willoughby’s to try the 4×4).  And the spicy tuna and avo handroll was good actually- fantastic quality tuna, most beautiful colour with no white lines- MOST impressed. And at R25 each its very reasonable priced. But they needed to distribute the seven spices more evenly and not all in the first bite- overpowering the tuna and causing my eyes to stream- very lady like…
My new try of the night was the Carin’s Rolls. And in the words of the birthday boy- Carin is a legend. These rolls are some serious business. They may be my very new favourite! And that is saying something considering my loyalty to the tuna crunch. What Carin’s rolls are is a tempura prawn California roll with diced diced prawns, sushi mayo and seven spices on top. Absolute taste explotion- and the textures and flavours- just perfect! I will be back for some more!! At R45 (on special) it’s one of the more expensive options on the menu- but well worth it!
Somehow I also found room for a seared tuna salad- this really is a treat. Huge chunks of lightly seared tuna, creamy avo, fresh baby leaves and cucumber spears with the amazing sweet peanut’y dressing. What a treat! salad has never been so good! Beluga was lovely, the food was great value, those Carin’s rolls were mind blowing and the service was wonderful- thank goodness we seemed to miss the sleavy male waitors this time! And they were so lovely to make a special effort for the birthday boy 🙂 As always a gorgeous night at Beluga- that fits the budget!!
  • Location: The Foundry, Prestwich street, Green Point
  • Opening times:  Monday to Sunday, 12pm til late.
  • Sushi, dim sum and cocktail special: 1pm til 7pm every day, and all day Sunday
  • Contact details: 021 418 2948

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