Birds of Eden is the world’s largest free flying bird aviary with a built in indigenous forest featuring a mini waterfall just a quick walk down from Monkey Land situated in Plettenberg Bay area. With over 3500 birds with 280 different species- Birds of Eden is unlikely to disappoint! You can buy the Birds of Eden and Monkey Land combo ticket (which I would highly recommend) for R240. Or the Birds of Eden option only for R150. Whatever ever you do – this is a must see attraction and a wonderful way to spend the day if you’re in the Plett area.
Birds are not particularly friendly creatures but Birds of Eden gets over this barrier by having feeding areas on the walk way filled with the birds favourite foods and a little wooden covering for shade and a sense of security. For me the best part of Birds of Eden is how close you are able to get to the birds. The birds will happily sit eating their snacks with you within 30cm from them.
Here is some bad photos of birds I took. The pink guy is a Galah cockatoo. The pretty little green bird looking up is some kind of Turaco/Lourie- I can’t tell you which one? On the bottom left is a beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw and a Toucan in the back.
One thing that strikes you about the Birds of Eden is how beautiful and well maintained the aviary is. You walk through a wooden walk way with green trees and plants all around you and birds calling one another from various locations. Everywhere you look whether you’re looking at a bird, monkey, tiny little duiker or simply the greenery of the park is a treat for your eyes.
Here is the huge bridge running through the aviary. There’s a really lovely view as you walk across it. And at one end you walk under a tunnel of trees- just so beautiful! Such a perfect way to spend an afternoon! And the best part is that it appeals to all age groups.
Now this one at the very top with the white crest is the beautiful Knysna Lourie. The colourful guy above is a Sun Conure- how lovely are all those colours?? We also have the Sacred Ibis with his bright coloured wings wide open. And a pink flamingo straight out of Alice in Wonderland!
They sell a wonderfully informative guide book for R20 which tells you all about the birds, what they eat and a few more fun facts. I would highly recommend buying this book as you get more from the experience when you’re able to learn more. Birds of Eden is wonderful whether you’re a student, a family with children or an older couple there is something for everyone to enjoy at Birds of Eden. And the best part is that every visit will be different due to the free flying nature of the aviary.

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