This was my very first time at Olympia- and I was oh so impressed!
We got there at about 11:30am- our plan was brunch.
We had heard rumours that Olympia was always packed, and with not being able to book- we wanted to beat the crowds. This rumour sadly is very very true.
We got the last table and looked smugly on the 20 people long waiting list for lunch.
Olympia is charming- it has mis-match chairs, a ton of indie kids in tight pants, gorgeously eccentric women in long dresses and no bras and a menu that changes daily.
The menu is absolutely divine! Its made up every day from whatever ingredients are the freshest and the best. We were not after breakfast, but were told lunch orders were only taken from 12.
Our solution: cake first.
The four of us order the hugest slice of cheese cake and an even bigger slice of chocolate hazelnut cake. The cakes were pure magic.
The chocolate cake seems to be covered in melted chocolate ganache and was gooey soft chocolate inside. The cheese cake was light and served with granadilla sauce and raspberries- just tart enough to offset the sticky sweetness. Once the cakes we devoured- in about 5 minutes flat- we snuck glances at the hidden lunch menu.
The menu sounded amazing, but we quickly realised our budgets were not quite prepared for it. This is not to say it was unreasonably priced, simply that we were unreasonably broke.
At 11:50 we squeezed in a breakfast order.
The food arrive within 10 minutes and we watched them make it in the open plan kitchen.
we ordered HUGE croissants baked with mushrooms and mozzarella. They came served with fresh rocket, the sweetest baby tomatoes, humus and aubergine dip made by the gods.
The mushrooms were incredible- i cannot tell you how anyone can manage to bring out such flavour- but I am prepared to marry the chef for the secret. At R31 for a meal that was too big to finish- my bank account and I are still friends.

One of us four, is no longer a student- and could afford lunch. At 12:01 – when lunch was allowed to be ordered- he ordered a steak sandwich.
But this was not any steak sandwich- it was mammoth! It was in a fresh baked peasant bread kind of roll, with pepperdew sauce, tzatziki and lettuce. And that’s not even to mention my gorgeous mushrooms and the potato wedges on the side!
Never have I seen this boy not finish a meal- today was that day.
The steak roll was R85. An incredible deal considering the portion size!
Olympia cafe is an absolute stunner- I could not more highly recommend it.

Aaaaand… if you’re already all the way out in Kalk Bay you may as well pop in to their bakery. Sneaky little hole in the side of the wall with magic fairies (it must be) who make food that could bring tears to your eyes.
My brother scored fresh rolls for school, my dad lucked out with the hugest custard slice (please note: sharing was compulsory), which seemed to be made of the exact custard used in creme brule and I couldn’t leave without the godly aubergine dip.
I am now, 5 hours later still full.
I’m in such food bliss- that I feel a nap is in order just to sweeten the deal.

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