About me:
I like: baking and eating cupcakes, making amazing plans, popping champagne bottles, the smell of jasmine, talking, abusing the free alcohol on airplanes, sushi, getting stamps in my passport, the idea of having a vegetable garden – but not the reality – and magic tricks that don’t involve rabbits (I just can’t fathom rabbits being pulled out of hats).
I don’t like: animals in human clothes, the noise Hannibal Lecter makes, having cold toes, having to tie shoelaces and olives.

I want to share all the things that I feel touch the idea of what perfect is. I have no intention of even mentioning the intangible stuff- its a material world folks! When I say perfect things I mean: cupcakes that make you smile, songs that you could fall in love to, sushi that you could eat for days, beaches that seem to mimic paradise and restaurants that make the ‘for my birthday I want to go here’ list.

This website thing is all very new to me – and has so far manage to wring a whole load of emotions out of me from excitement, frustration and fed up’ness. I have moved over from my blogspot account – if you know me from there:  hi, thanks for following me here! This is a whole new adventure for me!
On this new website thing you’re going to find amazing restaurants, big glasses of wine, traveling stories and recipes for crazy cupcakes. Thanks for reading and happy exploring!


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